Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is simple. Please read on to understand how we treat your privacy in all of our apps, including Auction Items Facebook App and eBay Agent ( Windows application:

  1. We do not collect nor save your personal information for any reason accept for to provide you with best possible service.
  2. We do not sell/share/trade/exchange your personal information with any third party.
  3. We do not collect nor store our customers’ passwords to any website/service accept for our website/service in order to serve the customer.
  4. We only store necessary information about customers that is required to provide the intended service.
  5. Our apps use cookies (a.k.a. small amount of data stored on clients’ computer that helps to identify client and session) to be able to provide the services.
  6. When we show ads from third party ad providers, such as Google, the ad provider may store/use cookies on client’s computer for identification purposes. In most web browsers its possible to turn off that feature to block cookies from certain websites or all.

If you have any more questions about our privacy policy, feel free to contact up for more details.