eBay WordPress Plug-In

Install this free eBay WordPress plug-in on your blog to display your eBay stores embedded right into your pages or posts. It is very easy to set up. Once installed and activated, visit plug-in settings page to generate a simple tag. Than insert it into your page/post where you want your store to appear. It supports multiple eBay user accounts and can be further customized to fit your page and your needs. This plug-in uses our HTML eBay store widget. That’s why it looks and works just as good as the widget alone.

For technical questions about the plugin please contact us, and we do our best to help you out.

4 Easy Steps

  1. Download the plug-in below
  2. Install it into your blog and activate it
  3. Generate a simple code on the plug-in settings page (in admin area of your blog Settings > eBay Store)
  4. Paste the simple code snippet anywhere into your page or post. Save it to apply changes.

Plug-in Details

Version: 1.11
Size: 3KB
Minimum WordPress version required: 2.5


[ebaystore items_per_page=9 combine_accounts=0 country_id=0]colocomputer,the_score[/ebaystore]