Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find the answer to your question below, then please feel free to contact our customer service desk. We would love to help you by answering your questions about our products.

add ap to page menu1. How to install a Facebook app to my Facebook Page?

Go to the app’s Facebook profile page, click on three dots […] button, then click on [Add App to Page] button. From list of your Facebook pages select the pages where you want to install our app, then click [Add Page Tab] button.


2. Can one Facebook app be installed on the same Facebook page multiple times?

No. Facebook restricts this.


3. When I try to install the app to my page, I don’t see that page in the list of pages.

This is because the app is already installed on the page, of you are not an administrator of that page. Try to go to that page’s settings, in Apps section, and see if our app is in that list. If so, then it is already installed on your page.


4. The app is already installed on my page, but I don’t see the tab button on my page.

This means that the tab button was removed while the app was not removed from your Page. To return the button back to your page go to your Facebook page, in at the end of horizontal menu next to your page’s logo click [More] button. A list of the rest of installed apps should appear (if any).

a) If our app is in that list, you just need to move it to the top menu. To do that click on last menu item [Manage Tabs]. You should see a list of all tabs on your page. Using your mouse drag our app to the top of the list. Then click [Save] button.

b) If our app is not in that list, click on last menu item [Manage Tabs]. IN a new dialog box click on [Add or Remove Tabs] button. On the next page locate our app, then click [Edit Settings] link for our app. In a new dialog box click [Add] link next to “Tab:” line. Click [OK] button. Click on [Page] menu item at the top of the page to go back to your page and see the new menu item in your tab list. If you still don’t see it, then click [More] button at the end of horizontal menu next to your page’s logo. A list of app(s) should appear. Follow section (a) above to move our app to the top menu.


5. I see a message that I don’t have any items in my list of products (not selling anything at this time)

This means that you have not items in your store at this time, or you misconfigured your store settings. Click on [Change Settings] button and make sure you selected correct country (if applicable) and user id/seller id. Also check if you have any keywords in your keywords filed. Keywords work as filters, therefore more keywords means more filters (less items displayed). Erase keywords to make sure that all items are not filtered out. Save changes and try again.


6. Are there fees for apps? What are they?

All of our apps are FREE, but some apps offer a Premium account with additional advanced features. Check fees of each app separately, because they vary.


7. How to remove the app from my Facebook Page?

Go to your page’s settings, then click on [Apps] menu item. Locate the app  you want to remove, then click on the [x] button for that app. On a new dialog box click [Remove] button. Now, if you paid for a Premium account of that app, you should go to your PayPal or Amazon account (which ever you used to pay), and cancel the preapproved payments (subscription) to avoid future charges to your account.

8. How to cancel preapproved payments (subscription) in PayPal account

  1. PayPal-Cancel-SubscriptionLog in to your PayPal account
  2. Click on “Profile” menu
  3. Click on “My Money” menu on left side
  4. Locate “Preapproved Payments” section and click “Update” at the right side of that section
  5. Click on”eSoftie LLC” merchant
  6. In “Description” section verify that this is the one you want to cancel, then next to “Status” section click “Cancel”
  7. Click “Yes” on confirmation dialog box

PayPal Preapproved PaymentsCheck the images on your right side with step-by-step instruction how to do this. (One images is for classic PayPal site, and second image is for new site)

If you successfully did all these steps, you have canceled the subscription.


9. Do the Facebook apps for pages work on mobile devices?

Auction Items” Facebook app and “Etsy Items” Facebook app are completely mobile friendly and work on mobile devices and native mobile apps if configured correctly. Watch our video how to make them mobile friendly.


10. Can I make the app tab to be a landing page (home page/main page) of my Facebook page?

No. This was possible in 2012, but then Facebook disabled this feature.


11. Are the apps installed on personal Facebook profile or business page?

It depends on the type of an app. Check each page individually.  Our “Auction Items” app, “Etsy Items“, “Bonanza Items“, and “Artificial Help Desk” can only be installed on a business page, but a Battleships game “Sea Battle” can only be installed on your personal Profile.


12. Why can’t I install the app on my page?

There may be two reasons why you may not be able to install the app to your Facebook page:

  1. You don’t have a Facebook page. In this case Facebook will display an error message when you try to install an app to your Facebook page:

    You must have permission to add apps to at least one Facebook Page to perform the requested action.

    In this case you only have a Facebook account (profile). You need to create a page for your business or product.

  2. The app is already installed on your page. In this case you already installed the app on all of your pages, but you probably can’t find the button to see the app on your page. In the main menu to the right of your page logo the last item in the list should be [More…]. Click on it, and your newly installed app should be there in a popped up list. You can move it up by clicking the last item in that list, called [Manage tabs]. Then in a new dialog box drag that item to the top. Then click [Save].